Seal Online

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Friendly Graphics
Enjoy the graphics of Seal Online with its fairy-tale like storybook background and humorously rendered monsters!

Seven Unique Classes
You can choose to be a Knight, Warrior, Mage, or even a class you won’t find in any other games, a Jester!

Adventurer’s Party System
When six of us form a party, we can be fearless. No need to fear the monsters that flash red alert signs. Come join the excitement of the Seal Party System.

Fun Companionship - Pet System
The pleasure you’ll have raising various pets! Experience your joy the friendly pets will bring, you’ll double your gaming experience with the company of your pet.

Search for your other half! - Couple System
You didn’t think that you’d find romance from online games? Now you can find and share your love within Seal Online.

Protect the world of shilts! - Ranking System
In search of the hidden hero of Shiltz. Who will be the true hero?

Compete in the ranking system and reach for the top.

The Myth of World Creation
In the beginning, there was nothing in the world. Darkness and Light, materials of all composition¡­ these were all created from null. Only the abyss ground was left after the destruction of the world. At first, Malkuth fished out explosives from the Sea of Fire and hurled it across the sky. They filled the sky as stars and the largest amongst them became the Sun. The Sun didn’t stop burning until it incinerated everything Next, Yesod provided the foundation by flooding the world with water and thereby dousing the flames. On the third day, Hod created the continents by forming the lands using soil. Mountainous valleys were no longer seen. Dean of Strength erected the Pillars of Steel on the fourth day.

When Tiphareth of Flowers planted trees on the land,
the world as we know it began to take shape.

Seal Online Downloads

  1. 1. Seal Online v20120524 Client