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Rakion is a free, three-dimensional, fantasy action online game developed by the South Korean company Softnyx.

The object of 'Rakion: Chaos Force' is to offer you the sensation of thrill and intensity of going into a battle to face your enemy. After standing face to face with your enemy you will first-handedly experience the intensity, and all of a sudden, you will find yourself engaging into a battle with your enemy with strong bash attacks and combinations.

Like other combat action games have, Rakion focuses on the simple rule of combat games. Special attack can inflict more damage but has a longer delay time. By knowing this you will feel a great deal of pleasure by taking advantage of other's weak point with big blows.

Rakion also provides guard and catch techniques. Using various combinations, you can utilize strong catch attacks that will spin your enemy into the air giving you the opportunity to smash the enemy with your hammer. Also many different catch skills are provided in the game for you to use.

As you smash your opponents, their armor will break off bit by bit or blow up upon the impact. The broken armor parts will then become an aerial projectile which hit the wall and bounce off.

Enjoy watching your enemies armor parts fly in the air as you successfully inflict a critical blow on your opponent.

The impact of the attacks on the enemy is one thing Rakion differs entirely from other action games.