MU Online

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MU Online is a 3D medieval fantasy MMORPG, published in the English with the name Global MU Online by K2 Networks.

Global MU Online is a MMORPG that takes the player, into a fantasy world full of excitement, adventure and monsters. With several ways to train a character, multiple character classes, and a vast continent to explore, GMO is a sure way to a unique adventure. Join thousands of players from all over the world and help defend the Continent of Legend, clearing it from the clenches of Kundun and his forces forever. . With new content and features being introduced regularly, this game is perfect for those looking for an exciting MMO experience.

* Character advancement – Complete the quests to find the Emperor’s Scroll and advance from Dark Knight to Blade Knight, Fairy Elf to Muse Elf, or Dark Wizard to Soul Master. Unlock other character classes and explore the different builds that make each character unique.

* PvP and Outlaw System- Outside safe zones (i.e. towns) PvP can occur anywhere. However, an established Outlaw system publicly ousts PKers (innocent player killers) by changing the colors of their names. Players can then band to kill Outlaws without penalty and even get chances to earn Hero status and pick up the Outlaws’ loot.

* Chaos System – Armor and weapons can be put into the Chaos Machine to increase their power resulting in over 100,000 ways to combine game items.

* Guild and Alliance System - Training in a guild, a player can gain more experience and make new friends.Band with Alliances, and guilds become much more powerful.

* Up to 50 in-game events per day – Experience the challenging daily and weekly game events like Blood Castle, the CryWolf Invasion, Chaos Castle and the popular Castle Siege, a PvP Alliance event with up to 1,500 participants.