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2Moons is a free fantasy MMORPG that lets you choose your hero, fight monsters, and engage in team battles.
It's published by Acclaim under the direction of David Perry. The game is an adaptation of Korean MMORPG Dekaron by GameHi for the North American market, featuring a new story line. It promises to be the most violent MMORPG ever made.

They called it The Corruption, those charged with the telling of the story. When the two moons aligned, the exiled king, Rictus, bid his magician open the gate and unleash the pestilence of the Pitborn and their dark ruler Abaddon upon Haran, The Immortal Land. In his hubris, Rictus thought he might control them, that he might herald his conquering of Haran on the crest of a black wave of the accursed. But there could be no alliance with Abaddon, the lord of the pit whose blessing is pain, whose enchantment is the wage of sorrow. He bound Rictus in the darkness of the abyss and every time a man fell to claw, tooth or blade, every time a woman or child burned to black flesh, choked to blue or starved to sallow skin, Rictus died their death and lived to die again. This for all eternity, for such was the will of Abaddon.


When creating a character, players select one of six classes. Each class offers various benefits and drawbacks, as well as access to different weapon, ability, and spell trees. Unlike several other MMORPGs, there exist no races; the only character differentiation is through class. Once selected, character classes are permanent.

* Azure Knight: Knights focus on traditional mêlée combat and offensive self buffs. They are broken up into Dual Knights (Dual Mace, Dual Sword, Dual Axe), Shield Knights (Mace & Shield, Sword & Shield, Axe & Shield), and 2-Hand Knights (Two-Handed Mace, Two-Handed Sword, Two-Handed Axe).
* Segnale: Segnale, somewhat akin to pitborn monsters and have a range of effect spells, including Curses to weaken enemies, and party buffs. They use Whips.
* Incar Magician: Magicians focus on 'traditional' offensive spells. They use either Staffs or Wands.
* Segita Hunter: Hunters are an archer class, specializing in long-range combat and close combat (dagger). They can use Crossbows, Bows, and/or Daggers
* Vicious Summoner: Summoners have the ability to summon creatures to aid them. They also specialize in Poison attacks. The two types are Staff Summoners and Twin Blade Summoners.
* Bagi Warrior: Baggi Warriors function as tank characters, and specialize in sheer damage and combos. They use Gauntlets.