World in Conflict UK v1.009 Patch

Size96.3 Mb
GenreReal Time Strategy
UpdatedJul 5, 2008

More Info

The World in Conflict Update #009 is now available for download! This is the British English version.

This eighth update for World in Conflict fixes balancing and bug issues and introduces some new features, like improved in-game voting, new ignore functions and improved network code stability. There are also several additions to Massgate, including new banners and new explanatory texts for missing content.

New features:

- Improved in-game vote system.

- Special Ability icons now show the number of selected units ready to fire.

- Extrapolation added to the network code. This should decrease lag caused by high packet loss. To disable extrapolation, append “-noextrapolation” (without the quotes) to the target path of the WIC shortcut.

- Expanded the ignore functionality on Massgate to cover clan challenges and chat rooms.

- Unit shields will now always be enlarged on mouseover regardless of selected unit.

- Unit movement arrows are now more visible on the Megamap.

- Added a hyperlink pop-up when the client is missing map or mod content.

- Remote admins can now switch a ranked server to unranked and back.

- Added explanatory text to the abuse report window.

- Added Massgate banner.


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