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Lineage II Chronicle 5: Oath of Blood Client

Size2.8 Gb
GenreFantasy Online RolePlaying
UpdatedApr 19, 2007

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Chronicle 5: Oath of Blood is the fifth in a series of massive expansions to Lineage II. Chronicle 5 continues the tradition of adding tons of new content, but also includes concentrated enhancements to existing features unlike any Chronicle before. Armed with feedback from our Lineage II community, Studio E&G has improved multiple systems to appeal to new players and enrich the experience of veterans.

• Better gameplay for solo hunters and new players - New items and major new changes make the game friendlier if you're just starting out.

• Revitalized PvP Combat - Enhanced balance now allows any class to win through their own strengths or opponent's weaknesses.

• Enhanced Clan System - New clan levels allow for even greater membership (up to 140!), and a new "Academy" system helps clans recruit and train new players.

• New Castles and Territories - Massive fortresses present new challenges to hardened siege masters. Vast new tracts of land are populated with an assortment of new creatures.


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