Global MU Online Season 6-3 Client

Size714.2 Mb
GenreFantasy Online RolePlaying
VersionSeason 6-3
UpdatedDec 30, 2011

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The new Global MU Online Client (Season 6-3) is now available.

Season 6, Revival of the Empire, introduces a new class, The Rage Fighter, and the new map of Kalutan.

MU Online is a 3D MMORPG that takes the player into a fantasy world full of excitement, adventure and monsters. With several ways to train your character, MU is a sure way to a unique adventure. Join others in the quest to bring the continent of MU back to peace, and clear it from the clenches of Kundun and his forces forever.

Key Game Highlights:

* Over 100,000 ways to combine your items

* Real weather effects

* Heart pumping in-game PvP (player vs. player) events

* Easy in-game function and control

* Quality Customer Support


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