Football Manager 2008 Patch v8.0.2

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Football Manager 2008 Patch v8.0.2

Football Manager 2008 patch v8.0.2 has been released. General changes:
- Injured players will not get offered out on loan by parent clubs
- Human gets taken to the competition news screen on big events such as yearly award news items
- Ensured AI replaces overage captains promptly
- When Hearts play Hibs, both teams can now play in their first kits.
- Awards news no longer always refers to manager award winners and runners-up as having "nothing to choose between them"
- Stopped duplicate player appearing in Best Eleven if the same player is loaned twice by the club
- Stopped players being unahppy when an international captain is replaced following his retirement
- Fixed post match key man watch comments not mentioning player being injured/sent off/subbed etc
- Changed turkish regens to always be turkish by first nationality and have small chance of a specific second nationality
- Added new possible second nationalities for players born in England
- Tuned retirements of young players without a contract but part of the national squad
- Tweaked down grey player CA at the low end for non active teams
- Team records now processed for international friendlies.
- Stopped various Feeder links getting cancelled when they shouldn't be.

Interface changes:
- Can no longer choose American All Star teams when creating a tour in USA.
- In a network game, a user is now kept on a team screen if he was using it before the game was continued by another user. Before, the user was always forced to view a new screen.
- Removed code from U18 contract offer screen.
- Removed "Most Team Points" from Competition Summary screen for Cup Comps
- Changing to a saved team selection would sometimes not show players picked that were in the reserve or youth team.
- Fixed filter flickering on and off on the notes section when it was changed.
- "Information" section for clubs would sometimes showed a number instead of an informative string.
- Double clicking on the last word in an edit box wouldn't select the right text.
- Fixed some match colour clash problems.
- The selected row highlight doesn't disappear when changing player instructions outside a match.
- The advisor would sometimes be disabled by default.

And much more. Click here for full list of changes.

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