Battlestations: Pacific Demo

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Battlestations: Pacific Demo

The Battlestations: Pacific PC Demo has been released. Featuring one single player mission from the US campaign, Divine Winds of Leyte, you'll be thrown feet first into the action taking on a deadly Kamikaze attack on a US carrier fleet, before ultimately sinking one of Japan's largest battleships.

Also included in the demo are two of our brand new multiplayer modes, available for play offline in single player Skirmish.

Siege, where one team must hold and defend an island stronghold whilst the other must attempt to capture it before the time runs out, and Island Capture, where you'll be able to choose and set up your war machines as you see fit and fight your way through enemy defences in order to capture all important territory, unlocking specific naval supplies along the way. The first team to control all of the islands claiming the win.

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