Battle for Middle-Earth II v1.06 Patch

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GenreFantasy RTS
UpdatedOct 6, 2006

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EA has released a new patch for Lord of The Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth 2. This patch fixes the terrible lag introduced by patch 1.05. It also addresses a crash, a few multiplayer desync issues, as well as modifying the Palantir button order on several units.

Important changes:

- Fixed TheodenSwordMounted Pre Attack Delay Typo

- Fixed SauronFiresOfDoom, WildFortressBatCloud and IsengardFortressMurderOfC rows Weapons Pre- Attack Type Typos

- Lorien Archer Unit type now properly set as Archer Class

- Knight Banner, Warg Rider Banner and Spider Rider Banner Unit types now properly set as Cavalry

- Axe Thrower and Axe Thrower in Battle Wagon now properly set as Archers

- Rohirrim Banner now properly set to the Men of the West faction


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